Our beautiful baby girl, Iaysha, also known as "Be",  short for Baby, was born normally, full term, had no real problems, till about age 3months when she was admitted to hospital with vomiting and was lifeless.  She recovered from the illnes and she progressed normally sitting up at 7 months crawling at 10 months standing taking steps assited by 15 months but there was something wrong with her foot and at 18months it was evident she could not walk to due slighlt deformity in her ankles.  She had a cute way of talking and knew all her animals and would attempt to say any word, she was liing two words and would say things like, "Go away!", to the cat and "Dats me!" when she saw her self in the mirror. By two years of age she began to regress and she became weak and was not eating well or drinking from a cup or straw easily.  Iaysha was admitted to hospital She lost the function in her legs first, then her head an neck control and her arms and finally her speech, ironically one of the last words she ever spoke was "bye bye", Iaysha was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. 


the way she was.....


Iaysha's new bike on her 2nd birthday

Slipping Away

Christmas opening presents out on leave from Hospital for the day

Wellington Hospital

Iaysha in Wellington Hospital recovering from surgery to have her feeding tube directly into her tummy.  June2010

At Home cuddles with Smooch

I'm a big girl now I'm 3

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Home a rare smile for smooch

Patting Smooch with a little help.

A recent Pic Iaysha at Conductive Education.....

Standing in standing frame which is good for your organs apparently....

I'm a big girl now I'm 3!